There are thousands of men who wish to enlarge their penises. Pills, lotions, surgery and other methods that claim to enlarge your penis do not work at all. There is not enough evidence to prove that they do, and upon implication of such methods, more harm is caused than good, so how to grow your penis without using pills in a safe and effective way?

By using an extension device! This device which stretches out your penis isn’t just effective but is complete safe and is also the best way to grow your penis. These extenders are mechanical devices that are easy to use and that stretches out the penis in a state that is soft with the correct curvatures. Extenders do not only enlarge the penis, but they also improve erectile functioning as well and work with a pulling technique to stretch out the penile tissue for the growth of more cells that makes the penile length longer and also increases the thickness as well.

  1. The Quick Extender Pro:

Features: A feature which makes this extender different from every extender in the market is a unique Double Strap Support (DSS) system. It features two loops that are attached to the extender and also comes with pads which provides a comfortable experience when used. The two loops help in an effective enlargement as they are designed to take the load of the penis when wearing the extender, this comes off as a big selling point because extenders usually fashion a single loop which makes the penis to easily slip off when wearing the extender. The pads create air pockets to help the skin of the penis breath, this helps to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Additional benefits: Unpleasant odor and infections occur when wearing extenders, but with the Quick Extender Pro, that is unlikely to happen. The materials used in the extender are picked out to provide comfort to its consumer but also to prevent infections and unpleasant odor from forming. The Quick Extender Pro is definitely the best option in the market. The extender when functioning by stretching off the penis throughout makes the experience comfortable to a level that does not interfere with your daily life and even provides a good range of programs to help you select which one will work the best according to your needs.

Pocket friendly: Using this extender will not even be a disadvantage pocket wise as the product guarantees a 6 month money back policy. This extender fashions every single quality that men all over the globe are looking for in an extender. It is safe, comfortable to use, and offers many programs to help the device adjust to your daily routine. Upon the making of this device, there were trials conducted and the results of that trial have made this product the successful one it is.


  1. Phallosan Forte:

 Features: The extender is manufactured by a company called Swiss Sana and even though this extender looks like a regular device, the results that it helps the consumers achieve, makes it one of the best extenders in the market. It features rods that are designed specially to help enlarge your penis. The aim of the extender is to help consumers achieve their desired results along with providing a comfortable experience to the maximum potential. It also helps to correct out the curvature of your penis along with making it grow. The extender comes with a noose that goes around the penis head to help make it grow and is overall manufactured in a way that can support the growth of new cells which helps your penis to grow, and with the pressure applied to all sides of the penis; it makes sure that the growth occurs equally in all sides.

Easy to use: It is comfortable to a level that you can easily wear it while going to work or even when you are sleeping! The main thing is to listen to your body when wearing anything of this sort. It is really important for you to follow the correct technique and schedule if you want to take out the maximum use of this device. The extender works in a way by not only providing you with the best of the results but also with helping you grow your self-esteem and become the best possible version of yourself.

  1. SizeGenetics:

Durability: To say that this device provides the maximum benefits in little time will not be wrong at all. The device is not at all complicatedly developed; it has a simple structure that is very easy to use. The results obviously will not happen overnight, but with consistent use it can definitely help you in more ways than one. It improves erectile functioning of the penis by increasing blood flow and can also help with curved penis syndrome, a medical condition that is more common than expected.

Features: The device gives you the choice to either use a strap or a loop for attachment of the extender with the head of your penis. It allows room for the tissues of the penis to grow and is designed in a way for the consumer to feel as little pain as possible.

Medically guaranteed: The best thing about this product is that it ensures that the device is safe to use by proving that it has gone through trials which have led to successful results. The product offers four different packages, each according to your needs to help you achieve your results in a time slot that is according to your preference.

The device has even passed the FDA approval to work as a medical device. There are even clinical studies conducted to prove the eligibility of the device with a guaranteed result in a short span of time.

The above three variants are the perfect ways on how to grow your penis without using pills in a safe and effective way.